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The RHABA is moving in a wonderful and exciting direction.  If you have never been to an RHABA meeting, please come and join us and be a part of the excitement – as this is a direct link to our community, colleagues, and local government. First-time business visitors and members eat free!

The Basics:
The Rural Hall Area Business Association (RHABA) is made up of local businesses seeking to work together with town officials to improve the business, civic, and educational environment for our workers, citizens, and patrons.  If you own or manage a local business, the RHABA is a great opportunity to interact with other local businesses and give back to your community.  If you’re not familiar with the Rural Hall Area Business Association (RHABA), you should check out what they can do for you!

The RHABA meetings provide a relaxed setting in which the business community, as well as local officials, can network and congregate with one another. The RHABA normally meets on the third Tuesday of each month at Mayflower Seafood Restaurant at 12:30PM.  Each meeting consists of an organized program and/or guest speaker.  Feel free to join us sometime!  Cost is $10 for nonmembers and FREE for members! That’s right – if you join the RHABA as a member, you only pay a one-time membership fee (no hassle with paying for your lunch each time you attend a meeting)!

How To Become A Member!
To become a member of the Rural Hall Area Business Association, just complete a Membership Dues form and return it with payment. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to find the membership form. (More information is listed on the form.)  If any questions, please contact Steve Hill at 336-969-9511.

MEMBERSHIP DUES (Annual One-Time Fee) –  2021 rate adjustment – See application below
All member dues and guest fees include monthly meal cost (12 meetings per year)
Individual, Employee, or Business Owner Membership: $140 per year (cash or check) / $145 per year (credit card)
(Member paying their own dues without reimbursement by employer)
(Non-profit & Charity Rate)

Business Paid or Reimbursed Membership: $190 per year (cash or check) / $195 per year (credit card)
(Member’s dues paid by employer directly or employer is reimbursing)
(Additional Business Memberships: $140 per year)

Non-Member Meals/Guest of RHABA Member Fee: $12 per meeting

For more information about the Rural Hall Business Association, you may contact any RHABA Board Member shown above.


RHABA was founded in 1988 and the first president was Bill Ogburn. The following people were instrumental in founding and establishing the RHABA:  Bill Gribble, Tommy Griggs, Jim Helsabeck, Frank James, Bill Ogburn and Durward Smith. As the business community of Rural Hall continued to grow, the founders of RHABA wanted an opportunity to get to know the business community better as well as create an avenue of communication between the business community and the local government. The RHABA created just that – a voice for the business community and a relaxed and organized setting in which the business community and local officials could network and congregate with one another.


RHABA was organized for the advancement of the commercial, industrial, cultural, educational, civic and general interest of the Town of Rural Hall, North Carolina and its people and the surrounding region; the promotion of just and equitable principles in business; and to acquire, preserve and distribute industrial, commercial, civic and personal statistics and information regarding the Town of Rural Hall and its surrounding region, its facilities and its residents.

The RHABA typically holds meetings with guest speakers and/or an organized program, with topics of interest to the business community. The RHABA also hosts special events, such as an annual summer “Picnic in the Park” at Covington Memorial Park, hosted by the Town of Rural Hall, and the annual 10K/5K “Flat & Fast” Road Race in October through the heart of the Rural Hall community. The RHABA has adopted Rural Hall Elementary School as its major charity and all proceeds from the annual road race go to RHES.

2021 RHABA Meeting Schedule

2021 Membership Renewal Form (revised)

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