Brush & Limb Pickup

The Public Works Department services brush and limbs on Tuesday of each week. Please follow these guidelines when placing limbs at the curb:

  • Place trimmings at the edge of the street with butts turned toward the street and stacked neatly into a pile and not scattered.
  • Limbs/trimmings should not exceed 6 inches in diameter or 6 feet in length.
  • Limbs/trimmings should not be placed as to interfere with or obstruct the flow of traffic.
  • Brush in excess of 10 cubic yards shall be picked up at the curb upon request for a fee. Please contact the office at 336-969-6856 for more information if you have an excessive amount of brush.

Yard WasteLeaf Pickup

The Public Works Department is currently servicing leaves on Tuesdays.

Leaf pickup is provided to Town residents annually from mid-October through spring.

The Public Works Department will service leaves at the curb more frequently during peak season. Otherwise, leaves will be serviced on Tuesdays. Please follow these guidelines in order for your leaves to serviced:

  • Place leaves loose at the curb. Do not place them in bags.
  • Do not place leaves on the curb or in the street, in order to keep them out of storm drains.
  • Do not mix limbs or any other debris with your leaves.
  • Do not place leaf piles close to your mailbox, waste carts, vehicles, etc. Leave at least 3 feet between items placed at the curb.
  • Small amounts of leaves should not be placed at the curb, but in a town-approved yard cart.
  • It is not necessary to call the office for leaf pickup.

The Town will only pick up yard waste in an approved container purchased by the homeowner/occupant from the Town. This service is provided to residential properties only. Businesses and apartment complexes do not receive this service.

Yard Waste Carts

Waste Carts are serviced on Tuesdays year-round. Please have carts at the curb by 7 AM on Tuesdays.

    • To receive this service, a homeowner/occupant must get an approved yard waste cart by calling Town Hall at 336-969-6856.  The cart will be provided to the homeowner/occupant at the cost of the cart to the Town.  The cost of an approved yard waste cart is presently $70.00.  This is payable by the homeowner/occupant.  The cart will be assembled and delivered by Town personnel.
    • Yard waste collection will be year-round on Tuesday of each week.
    • After the cart is full, place the cart at the curb or edge of the street by 7:30 A.M. on the day of pickup.  The lid needs to be closed and facing the street.  After the cart is emptied, the cart is to be removed from the curb or street by midnight.
    • What goes in the cart:
      1. Grass Clippings
      2. Leaves not picked up during loose leaf season
      3. Small branches, sticks, twigs, shrubbery clippings and garden residue
    • The following will not be accepted:
      1. Rocks
      2. Stumps
      3. Large branches
      4. Bags, boxes or garbage
      5. Glass, metal or objects that will damage your cart
      6. Dirt
    • The yard waste cart belongs to the homeowner/occupant and is their responsibility to keep it clean and in good repair.  The Town may refuse to pick up carts in poor or unsafe condition.
    • The Town will not pick up carts that are filled/packed too heavily or carts containing trash.
    • The Town will not pick up yard waste that is loose, bagged, in another container or not properly placed in a cart.

EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2012:  Chronic violators of the yard waste policy will be assessed a $70.00 fee, which will result in the delivery of a cart.  A chronic violator is a person who owns property whereupon the Town gave notice of violation at least three (3) times.

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