2022 TORH Trash & Recycle Calendar

Trash ServicesGarbage and recycling services for the Town of Rural Hall are contracted through Waste Management. Garbage is serviced every Tuesday. Recycling is serviced every other Tuesday.

After cart is emptied, the cart is to be removed from the curb or street by midnight or be subject to a penalty per the Town’s most current Fee Schedule as adopted by the Town Council.

Effective April 1, 2021, residents should direct garbage and recycling issues directly to Waste Management. This includes missed service as well as cart/lid repairs and replacements. This will help reduce steps and time for residents and our staff. We hope this will allow issues to be reported and taken care of without delay, and ultimately be a better service for residents.

How to report issues to Waste Management:

Please provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Nature of Request/Complaint

It is recommended garbage and recycling carts be placed at the curb for pick up by no later than 6 AM each Tuesday.

It is best that carts be placed at the curb the night before service, if weather permits. Carts should not be placed near other objects, including other carts, mailboxes, bulk trash items/white goods, vehicles, etc. If a cart is placed too close to another cart or object, Waste Management will not service the cart.

Waste Management will only pick up garbage items that are bagged and in the cart. No excess or loose garbage outside of the cart will be serviced unless arranged ahead of time. Call Town Hall to arrange an excess pickup. All carts should be removed from the roadside and placed behind homes by 7 PM on the evening of service.

Recyclables (blue lid) do NOT need to be bagged.

Any delays in garbage/recycling service (as we are made aware) will be announced on the Town’s social media accounts and via the Town’s email listserve. To join the listserve, please contact townclerk@ruralhall.com.

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